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Must Have Sock Knitting Notions

Must Have Sock Knitting Notions

We're big believers that with a bit of tenacity (and our must have sock knitting notions) any knitter can be a sock knitter. 

Contrary to popular belief, socks have the potential to be a mindless and relaxing knit. Seriously! Once you have discovered your favorite cuff, heel and toe styles, knitting one sock is the same as the next. Sure, the pattern displayed on the front of the sock may change, but you'll know what size needle to use, when to turn the heel, and how to decrease perfectly to fit your toe. You might even memorize Kitchener Stitch

Like all knitting projects, notions play a pivotal part in your success. We share our five must have sock knitting notions to keep your needles happily clicking from cuff to toe. So if you're looking to level up your notions bag or for the perfect gift for a sock knitter, take note below!

Must Have Sock Knitting Notions

  1. Stitch Markers
  2. Progress Keeper
  3. Sock Cuff Ruler
  4. Stitch Stopper
  5. Tapestry Needle
Let's dig deeper into the role each of these play in your sock knitting journey:

Stitch Markers
A grey doodle dog beginning of the row stitch marker in use on an in-progress sock knitting project, being knit on a set of double point needles.

There are plenty of of opportunities for stitch markers in your sock knitting. At the very least you'll need a beginning of the round marker, but you may also want some simple ring markers to guide your gusset and toe work. Consider using different color stitch markers to alert you to the different stitches, like, for instance in a cuff down gusset heel, an ssk and k2tog. 

Progress Keeper

Having a locking marker or two will help you ensure you're making a like pair of socks. For example, clip on a progress keeper when you begin your heel so you can reference that mark when you're making your second sock. You can do the same thing when you begin your toe decreases. 

Sock Cuff Ruler
Billy and Baa's wooden Sock Cuff Ruler measuring the cuff of an in-progress handknit sock.

This Billy and Baa original product is a quick way to measure your cuff. Whether you work from the cuff down or two up, use the Sock Cuff Ruler's 1" and 2" marks to see how your cuff measures up. And as a bonus, there's a QR code that links to a Kitchener Stitch tutorial. 

Stitch Stoppers
Magnetic Keepers for Stitch Stoppers l Billy and Baa

When you stop work on your sock project, you want to store your WIP in a way that your stitches don't fall off the needles. There are stitch stoppers a plenty (little objects that you secure to the end of your needle tips), but we love using our Magnetic Keepers. Just gather your needles together and secure a Magnetic Keeper at each end of the bundle. Those stitches aren't going anywhere! 

Tapestry Needle

Aside from the obvious reason (to weave your ends in), a tapestry needle is essential to seam the toe of your cuff down sock. Yes, we're talking Kitchener Stitch. Many knitters have a love-hate relationship with Kitchener Stitch, so having nice needles in a pretty case, like our Sandalwood Yarn Needle Case, will make finishing more fun. 

Other Sock Knitting Notions and Accessories

Beyond our must have notions, there are speciality notions that will level up your sock knitting game. 

Loop Locking Hook Holder
Billy and Baa's Loop Locking Hook Holder clipped to the cuff of an in-progress, hand knit sock knit on double point needles. The extra needle is secure in the loop of the Loop Locking Hook Holder.

Though it was designed for crocheters, our original Loop Locking Hook Holder works like a charm for socks knit with double pointed needles (DPN). Clip the Loop Locking Hook Holder to your project and then secure your extra DPN in the loop so you don't lose it when it's not in use. 

Sock Blockers

When your socks are finished, treat them to a little R+R. Give them a soak in a wool wash before popping them onto a pair of sock blockers. The stitches will relax, the sock's shape will become more defined, and the yarn might even soften up. 

Finger Massage Rollers

Knitting socks can be a burden on your hands. The needles are tiny and your hands can easily get cramped after a marathon knitting session. Keep a Finger Massage Roller handy so you can massage your fingers when you're done making. Just roll a ring up and down each finger and let the pressure offer your fingers some relief. 



Billy and Baa's Must Have Notions for Sock Knitting
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  • Never even heard of some of these knitting tools. New to sock knitting and will be investing in these in the near future,

    Maureen L McGraw

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