Loop Locking Hook Holder


Are you tired of losing your crochet hook at the bottom of your project bag? Do you get bummed every time you reach for your crochet project to find the live loop unraveled? Meet our Loop Locking Hook Holder, a simple tool with big results!

When you're finished crocheting, attach the clasp to the loop of the live stitch to "lock" it in place so it can't untangle. Then, insert your hook into the silicone loop and secure it in place by cinching the ball tightly around the hook. When you're ready to start crocheting again, just unclasp the Loop Locking Hook Holder from your live stitch and replace it with your hook. Let the Loop Locking Hook Holder dangle from your hook while you crochet so you don't lose it. 

Fits up to hook size M. 

Loop Locking Hook Holders come as a set of 4, in the color assortment shown in the photo.