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How to Fix a Mistake in Your Knitting

How to Fix a Mistake in Your Knitting

No matter what stage of your knitting journey you're in, mistakes will happen. It might be something minor like a dropped stitch or something major that requires you to rip out some rows, but we're here to help. There's no one fool proof solution to fixing a mistake in your knitting, but with a few staple tools you can tackle most any problem. 

Our Must Have Fix-Tools

Our must have fix-it tools for knitting projects, including Fix-It Marker, knitting scissors, crochet hook, and darning needle.

How To Fix a Mistake in Your Knitting

  1. Stay positive! It's easy to become discouraged when you discover a mistake in your work. Remind yourself that mistakes happen to the best of knitters and that with a bit of patience they can be fixed!
  2. Decide if you want to fix it or forget it. Some mistakes - like a dropped stitch - are necessary to fix. But others don't necessarily need to be. Ask yourself if you'll regret not fixing the mistake. Or if you'll even notice the mistake. And if you can't decide, let our Fix It or Forget It Coin decide. 
  3. Have the right tools on hand. Make sure you have our must have fix it tools (see the list above) on hand so that you can fix your mistake when you need to. Otherwise, you run the risk of putting your project on hold and not coming back to it. 
  4. Add a lifeline. Add a "lifeline" - by weaving a piece of scrap yarn through all of the stitches in a row - to the the row right below your mistake. This way if you mess up while fixing your mistake you'll be able to pick up the stitches from your lifeline and have a fresh start. 
  5. Work on a flat, bright surface. Laying your work on a flat surface will give you project support so that can focus on your mistake. Make sure your surface is white or light so that you have some contrast with your yarn so that you can see each strand and more efficiently fix your mistake. 

Each knitting mistake is unique and fixing it will take your own ingenuity. But following the above steps will set you up for success no matter what the mistake. And when in doubt, ask for help. Find an online forum on Ravelry or Facebook or visit your local yarn shop. Knitters love to help! 

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  • Thank you for the helpful advice

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