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Top 10 Travel Knitting Notions

Top 10 Travel Knitting Notions

The best thing about knitting (or crocheting!) is that we can take our hobby anywhere. We can knit on a road trip, at a sports game, in a carpool line, or at a coffee shop. But as easy as it is to grab a project and go, it's easy to forget important notions that we might need. Read on to discover our top 10 travel knitting notions to pack before you go. 

When it comes to packing for a trip, our must-have notions list is a roadmap of what you might need when you're away from your knitting stash. Aside from your project, yarn, and pattern (find our tips for packing your travel knitting here), we suggest packing:

  1. Scissors
  2. Stitch Markers
  3. Pattern Place Markers
  4. Stitch Stopper
  5. Tape Measure
  6. Fix-It Tool
  7. Darning Needle
  8. Rows + Repeats Tracker Sticky Notes
  9. Pen + Paper
  10. Extra light

These tools will help keep your WIP intact, your work flow organized, and your sanity in check. Trust us when we say there's nothing worse than discovering you don't have a tool or loose track of your place. 

A collection of Billy and Baa's top ten travel knitting notion must haves, including scissors, tape measure, stitch markers, and more.


It goes without saying that scissors are an essential part of our craft. Pack a small pair (with blades under 4" so they are TSA and airplane approved) so you can trim ends, fix tangles, and more. 

Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are our favorite knitting tool but they are so easy to lose. Have a variety of markers on hand, including locking markers and ring markers in a variety of colors. Not only will this keep your project organized, but you'll be able to pass one along if you bump into a maker in need. 

Pattern Place Markers 

If you're knitting in public or on-the-go, there are bound to be some distractions. Use a Pattern Place Marker to mark your place in your pattern. No matter how much sight seeing you're doing, you'll be able to easily glance at your pattern to know what row you're on.  

Stitch Stopper

Your project is bound to be tossed around in your bag as you move from Point A to Point B. Ensure that your stitches stay on your needles by adding a stitch stopper - like our Magnetic Keepers or Loop Locking Hook Holder - before you tuck it away. 

Tape measure

Top 10 worst moments as a knitter? Not having a tape measure when you need to track your progress. Add a retractable tape measure to your knitting bag to avoid this happening to you!

Any tape measure will do, but we particularly love the Wrist Ruler for our travels. It's functional jewelry that's hard to lose! 

Fix it tool

Between moving from place to place, the bumps in the road, and sightseeing, mistakes in your work are bound to happen! Be prepared to fix. Pick up our First Aid Kit with all of the things. Or grab a Hook Trio Tool or a Fix-It Marker for those times you want to mark a mistake to fix later. 

Darning needles

Whether you're fixing a mistake or weaving in ends, a darning or yarn needle is an essential part of your notions bag. We love this Sandalwood Case with needles, but using these Wide Eye Needles are perfect to use on the go. 

Rows + Repeats Trackers

Our Rows + Repeats Trackers Knitting Sticky Notes are another great tool to keep you organized when you hit the road. Use the grid of circles to mark off rows or rounds or repeats as you work so you don't lose your spot. 

Pen + Paper

Keep a pen handy to make notes about your pattern or jot down knitty things you learn on your adventures. We suggest having this 8-Color Retractable Pen and our Knit Notes Pocket Notebook in your notions bag at all times!

Extra Light

The sun isn't always shining on vacation! Make sure to pack a light source to use on a car trip after the sun has gone down, in a coffee shop with low light, or when everyone else in the hotel room has gone to bed. A neck lamp - like this one - is a great option. 


While we always travel with these essentials, it might not be all you need. It is important to check your pattern before you leave to make sure you don't forget any notions particular to your project. 



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  • Is it possible to offer these items as a kit for one price? It would make it easier than ordering each separately.

  • Hi, I got two of your magnifier lights which are great. The only problem I have is the glass in both is scratched.
    Is there any way I can fix them? Cheers,
    Susan Potts


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