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What Are Knitting Notions?

What Are Knitting Notions?

I often get confused looks when I tell people I own a knitting notion company. And that's fair. The notion of notions is not widely known outside of the fiber arts world. Most people assume yarn and needles are all you need to knit, but notions, the other bits and bobs besides needles and yarn, play an integral role. So what are knitting notions? Let's explore!

What Are Knitting Notions? 

Notions are small, essential tools and accessories that knitters use to make knitting a project easier and more efficient. These items serve a variety of purposes, including keeping track of stitches to helping avoid or fix mistakes.

While the list of knitting notions is extensive, they can be categorized into several groups:

Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are arguably the smallest notion, but the one of the mightiest. There are several different types of stitch markers - decorative markers, progress keepers, and even in-a-pinch markers made out of scrap yarn - but they all serve a similar purpose. Stitch markers are placed in between live stitches on a knitting needle to mark a place in a pattern, like the start of a round, the right side of the project, a special stitch, or a pattern repeat. 

Measurement Tools

There are many opportunities for a tape measure, which is why every project bag should have one. There are gauge tools to check your knitting tension, retractable tape measures to check the progress of your work, or a clothing tape measure to take your personal measurements.

Stitch Tools

  • Stitch Holders are used when a pattern instructs you to put your stitches "on hold." This could be for a sleeve, a heel of a sock, or the thumb on a mitten. Stitch holders can be an oversized safety pin or scrap yarn. 
  • Cable Needles are key to any cable knit project. This curved needle holds live stitches so you can either hold them to the front or back of your work to create the right look. 

Fix It Tools

Mistakes are inventible for knitters of all skill level, but luckily there are several tools available to make fixing them easier. These Fix It Tools include:

  • Crochet Hook - or our Hook Trio Tool -  to help fix a dropped stitch
  • Stitch Holder to hold live stitches while you fix other stitches.
  • Darning Needle to help weave in ends from reattaching yarn or other fix it tasks.

Place Keeper Notions

It's important to keep your place in a pattern so you don't miss out on a design element or know where to start when you pick up your work. 

  • Stitch/Row counter. This could be an app on your phone or a physical clicker tool so you can "check off" the stitches or rows you've knit. Our Rows + Repeats Tracker Sticky Notes stick to your printed pattern or workspace and provides a manual way to tick off your progress.
  • Project Log Tags. A project's trajectory is not linear, and you may put it down for a bit to knit something else. Add a Project Log Tag with all of the pattern details so you know where to begin when you pick it back up. 
  • Pattern Place Markers. In lieu of manually crossing off rows after you work them, use our magnetic Pattern Place Markers to move along your printed pattern as you work. 
  • Stitch Markers
  • Stitch Stoppers. When placed on the end of your needles, stitch stoppers will keep your live stitches from falling off when you're not working.

Finishing Tools

You're not finished knitting when you bind off a project. There is still finishing to be done!

  • Scissors don't have to be big. In fact, small "snip" sized scissors are perfect for your bag and do just the trick for trimming ends. 
  • Darning needles (or sometimes called yarn needles) have a wide eye to accomodate your yarn so you can seam your piece together or weave in ends.
  • Blocking pins help to shape your garment during the wet blocking process. 

Most of these tools are small enough to fit into a small notions bag that fits into your larger project bag. We encourage you to have a notions bag for each project you're working on. Not only do projects call for different notions, but you'll always want them on hand when you need them.


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