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5 Knitting Notions You Need In Your Project Bag Now

5 Knitting Notions You Need In Your Project Bag Now

There are essential notions that every project bag needs: tape measure, scissors, and a handful of stitch markers. Sure these tools will get you from cast on to bind off, but there are other non-traditional must haves that will make the journey more efficient. 

If you're starting a new project or even half way through your WIP, here are 5 knitting notions you need in your project bag now:

1. Magnetic Keepers

By far our most versatile notion in our catalog, Magnetic Keepers are lightweight magnets designed to keep your stuff together. These tiny tools feature two magnetic "hands" attached by a stretchy, silicone "arm" to hold your needles together, attach important papers, act as a stitch stopper, and more. 

Having them in your notions bag is something you'll never regret. With the myriad of uses, you'll find yourself reaching for these often to keep your project organized. 

Learn more about Magnetic Keepers >>

2. Wide Eye Needles

Weaving in your ends ranks at the bottom of any knitter's to-do list. It's tedious and slow and you just want to wear your finished object NOW! Make this task (or adding fringe) a little more enjoyable with these Wide Eye Needles.

The eye of the needle on each of the three different sized needles is wide and flexible for easy yarn threading. No more wasting time threading a needle to get the job done. 

Learn more about Wide Eye Needles >>

3. Stitch Marker Clip Keeper

Every project you bound to cast on will be made easier with a stitch marker. But those little things are so easy to lose. Take it off your needles for one second and it could end up in the cushions of your couch, on the floor of your car, or on the ground of a baseball stadium. 

Our Stitch Marker Clip Keeper attaches to your project bag (or even your project) to ensure that your markers stay accessible and secure. Easily clip markers on and off as you work so you don't have to waste time searching for stitch markers when you need them.

Learn more about Stitch Marker Clip Keepers >>

4. Project Log Tags

When you put your WIP down you never know when you'll be able to pick it back up, so add a Project Log Tag.

Just clip a Project Log Tag onto your project and jot down the row you just finished before packing your project away. There is even space to write down the project particulars so you aren't left guessing the size you're making or the size needle you're using.  

Learn more about Project Log Tags >>

5. Fix-It Marker

Dropping a stitch or making a pattern mistake can be a major blow to your knitting momentum. If you're not able to fix it when you notice the mistake, clip on one of our Fix-It Markers. 

This will serve as a reminder of where the mistake is. And in the event of a dropped stitch, keep it secure so it doesn't become a bigger problem. Don't let a mistake interrupt your knitting if it doesn't have to!

Learn more about our Fix-It Marker >>


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