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Stack of the essential knitting books for knitters

5 Essential Knitting Books

The internet plays host to a treasure trove of knitting knowledge. With just a few clicks you can find a blog, video, podcast or forum to get your specific knitting questions answered. But when you're hungry for more in-depth information, there's nothing like a book - a physical tome that you can hold in your hands - to satisfy your fiber curiosity.

When flipping through a book, you're not limited to internet search terms; instead of researching the questions you already know to ask, a book can present you with new ideas to explore and be inspired by. Flip the page and discover a new stitch pattern or yarn you've never worked with!

There is no shortage of books for knitters, so before you add them all to your cart (remember, we still need room on the shelf for yarn), we share the five essential knitting books that we believe are a must have for any knitter's library.

5 Essential Knitting Books for Every Knitter's Library

  1. The Principals of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt (Amazon)
  2. Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Quick Reference (Amazon/
  3. Mosaic Knitting by Barbara G Walker (Amazon)
  4. Twisted Stitch Sourcebook by Norah Gaughan (Amazon/
  5. The Knitter's Book Yarn by Clara Parkes (Amazon/

line up of knitting books which are our picks for must have knitting books.

This collection of books offers comprehensive knitting know-how, fiber facts, construction techniques, inspiration, and even some industry history. Each book, while different in its topic, offers timeless and expert-level content on its particular subject that is easily absorbed by the eager knitter. No matter your skill level, these books promise to add value to your craft no matter where your journey takes you.


The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt (Amazon)

If there was a text book for knitting, this would be it. This book isn't for the aspiring knitter looking to cast on for the first time, but rather for the knitter who is already hooked and ready to discover the power that their knitting needles hold.

This 700-page book, which prioritizes words over pictures, chronicles the entire knitting process from basic methods to materials to pattern design to working a project. Originally published in 1989, the revised edition was released in 2012 to include new instruction, illustrations, and information.

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Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Quick Reference (Amazon/

Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Quick Reference book open to the knitting in the round tutorial with a pair of in-progress handknit socks in the background.

This book is one that can be slipped in your bag and taken on-the-go, not only because of its size, but for its at-a-glance, mini tutorials for just about every knitting skill out there. With step-by-step illustrations, written instruction, and condensed explanations, the book travels from basic knitting techniques to advanced techniques to fixing mistakes to designing.

Information in this book is easy to find and follow and is a great companion for any level of knitter. We appreciate the Tables and Tools section at the back of the book, which offers a Needle Inventory chart, Yarn Weight System table, and Needle/Hook Conversion chart.

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Mosaic Knitting by Barbara G Walker (Amazon)

Barbara Walker's Mosaic Knitting book opened for study. A pen sits on top of the open book with two balls of contrasting yarn beside it.

With its black and white photographs and simple charts, this book feels dated. But that's what makes it special; this collection of mosaic stitch charts is where mosaic knitting started. Originally published in 1976, this book chronicles the author's novel development, includes in-depth instructions on how to read a mosaic chart, touches on the geometry behind designing with mosaics, and shares 380 original mosaic stitch patterns.

This book is a piece of knitting history and a reminder that good design is timeless, yet innovation is always possible.

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Twisted Stitch Sourcebook by Norah Gaughan (Amazon/

With the feel of a grade school text book but the presence of your favorite coffee table book, this book is more than a collection of stitch patterns. It is a peek into the designer's mind - chronicling her thoughtful, technical, and timeless approach to knitwear design.

The crux of the book is 126 twisted-stitch patters that will leave you wide-eyed as you imagine them sprawling across an afghan or cascading down a sweater. Each design is rooted in tradition with a timeless look ready for modern application. Be inspired to work your way to Part III Designing Your Own and gain confidence to design your perfect garment.

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The Knitter's Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes (Amazon/

This book is a love letter to yarn. From the fiber industry's self-appointed "yarn whisperer," and rightly so, this book explores everything you need to know about the abundance of yarns available today. Learn about the different animal fibers, fiber blends, plies, and weights, as well as fiber origins, production methods, and ideal usage.

A book for all knitters, this book is one you'll find yourself reading at all stages of your knitting journey. The breadth of the knowledge between the covers will make you a more confident knitter - be assure you'll pick the perfect yarn for every project so you always love what you make.

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As you can imagine, picking just five favorite books is no small feat! There are so many beloved books that have permanent placement on my bookshelf, but these are the books that I find myself recommending over and over again.

What knitting books would make your top 5 list?!

5 Essential Knitting Books that all knitters must have

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