Download Billy and Baa's free sock gift labels.

Free Sock Gift Labels

As makers, socks top the list of our favorite things to gift. You get to share your talents with someone you in a cozy and practical way without having to stress about style, taste, and fit.

free sock label printable

Socks are allowed to be fun and irreverent, so get playful with color and pattern when you make your next gift pair. And when it comes time to package them up, print out one of our free sock gift labels as the perfect finishing touch.


Get Our Free Sock Gift Labels


Sock Gift Label Download


  1. Download the free, 2-page printable here
  2. Print your label(s). We suggest an 80-100 lb text paper, but you can experiment with your paper of choice. 
  3. Cut out the label of your choice by following the dashed guidelines around each label. 
  4.  Add the information about your sock to the label. 
  5. Wrap the label around your sock, placing the label's center icon on the front of the sock and bending the arms of the label towards the back. 
  6. Place the informational arm of the label over top of the blank arm and secure closed with a dot of glue, sticker, or tape. 

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