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5 Unexpected Ways to Use Stitch Markers

5 Unexpected Ways To Use Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are no stranger to a makers' notions bag. We use them when we're following a pattern, to mark the right side of the work, and to indicate the start-of-the-round. But there are heaps of other ways to use them, too. Discover 5 unexpected ways to use stitch markers that, while not traditional, will level up your knitting game in efficient and fun ways.


5 Unexpected Ways To Use Stitch Markers

1. Use Stitch Markers To Stay Motivated. 

Most of the time, stitch markers aren’t necessary when working long rows of garter stitch. Though, strategically placing them can offer a bit of motivation. Use different colored markers - like our Rainbow Circle Stitch Markers - and place them evenly throughout the your row to create mini goals for yourself! You’ll find yourself doing a mini cheer when you reach the red marker and then again at the orange marker, until you realize you’re almost done with the row when you pass the purple marker. 

Use rainbow colored stitch markers to keep you motivated as you work long stretches of garter stitch.


2. Use Stitch Markers to Keep Track of Your Rows

Seriously! When it comes to keeping track of a multi-row repeat or even just to keep track of what row you're on, use a stitch marker. Place it after the first stitch of the row to indicate you are working the first row. When you meet back up to it, advance the marker to fall after the third stitch to indicate that you’re working the third row. If you’re working in the round, keep a stationary start-of-the-round marker at the start of your round and move a second, row counting marker as you work. 

Use stitch markers to track your rows in your knitting project

3. Keep Stitch Markers In Case of Emergency

You never know when you’re going to lose a marker or run into a knitter in need. Keep an in-case-of-emergency stash in your notions bag so you can always be prepared for whatever knitting emergency comes your way. Pro tip: keep a mix of fixed and split markers, as well as removable markers in this emergency stash. 

Keep an emergency stash of stitch markers in your bag to help yourself or a fellow knitter


4. Give Stitch Markers as a Gift 

Use stitch markers as a decorative present topper, as a gift to your knit night host, or as a fun surprise for your maker friends. You can even build a collection of markers to create a special event countdown calendar - just wrap a new marker to open each day of the countdown. What an easy way to put a smile on someone's face.

Use stitch markers to dress up a gift


5. Add a Stitch Marker to Commemorate Your Project

Attach your start-of-the-row stitch marker to your project after you’ve finished it. This is especially sweet if your stitch marker carried meaning while you worked on the project. For instance, I used this Westknits bicycle marker (gifted to me by a friend) while I knit my first Stephen West project. I sewed it on to the shawl once I was finished as a little reminder of this fun project. 

Commemorate your hand knits by adding your stitch marker to the finished piece.


What are some of your favorite and unexpected ways to use stitch markers? 


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  • Sorry to ask, but what is a notions bag please? Love your ideas and tips. Very helpful. Many thanks. Take care Judith

    Judith Butler
  • That’s a great idea! Especially since I don’t always remember to grab my notions bag, but always have my planner on me. Adding one to my notebook now!

    Billy and Baa
  • I love using lobster claw stitch markers as notebook or planner charms! So cute and you always have one if you need it!!!


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