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Be Inspired With Maker's Bingo Cards

Be Inspired With Maker's Bingo Cards

At some point, every maker loses their 'knitting mojo.' There's no rhyme or reason to when or why this happens, and rediscovering the motivation to pick up a project is different for everyone.

For me, finding something or someone to guide my creativity during these uninspired moments is helpful. You can let someone pick a project for you - think subscribing to a monthly project kit like PostStitch or joining a designer's KAL - or find a workshop or class. These options allow you to find comfort in the familiar, while removing creative hurdles and flexing your brain in a new way. 

If those options aren't for you and you're still looking to approach your making in a new way, download our free Maker's Bingo Cards. No matter how you choose to play, the prompts will guide you through those hard to make decisions when your creative juices aren't flowing. 

Our Marker's Bingo Cards come with three boards: MAKER, KNITS and GOALS (thank goodness they each have five letters like 'Bingo'). 

The MAKER board has more broad making themes to encourage you to rediscover your love for making by doing things like buying supplies from a local business, making something for a friend, or working on your project outside. It also gives you permission to make decisions that may be contributing to your crafting block with prompts like "choose not to finish a project" or "don't fix a mistake." Sometimes permission is all you need to do something hard and get back on track. 

The KNITS board takes it back to basics, encouraging you to tackle various knitting skills, like yarn overs, slipped stitches, and changing colors. While many of the skills are already in your personal skill toolbox, taking the time to rediscover something as simple as repetitive knit stitches can be just the palette cleanser you need to get you back in the motion of knitting. 

And because we all make differently, find a blank GOALS board that you can fill with your personal goals or projects you want to make. 

Whether you play with a friend or by yourself, the rules are up to you! Choose to fill all the spaces of the board or just five spaces to create a straight line. Either way, we want to hear you yell "maker," "knits," or "goals" when you win! 

Download Maker's Bingo Cards here >>


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