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Get Our Free Yarn ID Cards

Get Our Free Yarn ID Cards

One of the bigger disappointments as knitter or crocheter is reaching into your stash to find a ball of yarn with no label or info attached. Who dyed it? What weight is it? How do you know if it's perfect for your project? But no longer do you have to fret over unidentified skeins of yarn. Organize your yarn with our free Yarn ID Cards

Yarn ID Cards can be helpful for any yarn without a ball band. Whether you rolled a skein and then decided not to use it, frogged a project, or have left over yarn from a project, making sure to label it before adding to your stash is a practice that should become a habit.

After downloading and printing the Yarn ID Card .pdf, simply cut out a Yarn ID Card and fill out all the information about your skein of yarn. Attach it your yarn by using a rubber band to secure it around the ball or tucking it into a few strands of yarn. 

Download PostStitch Yarn ID Cards

As extra insurance, follow the guide on the card and punch a hole and secure a length of the yarn. In the unfortunate event that your yarn and the ID Card becomes separated you will be able to match the two together.

Tips for Storing Your Wound Yarn

  1. Attach information about the yarn, including its brand, type, weight, and colorway. You if you think you might want more of the yarn for a larger project, include where you purchased it and the colorway dye lot. 
  2. Jot down extra notes about the yarn on the back of the Yarn ID Card. Document notes like what project it was used for or your gauge if known.
  3. If you frogged a project, make sure you roll the yarn into a nice ball and secure the ends before stashing. This will keep it from unraveling or tangling when it's mingling with other skeins. If you need help, try this cool method of rolling a ball of yarn with your thumb
  4. Protect your wool from potential critters. Place your wound yarn in a tupperware or other air tight container to keep it from become a snack for moths. 
  5. Don't forget about it! Commit yourself to always look through your stash when you find a new project to cast on. You loved your stash yarn once, so why wouldn't you love it again? Plus, it's already rolled and ready to go!




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