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5 Must Have Knitting Notions for Every Project Bag

5 Must Have Knitting Notions for Every Project Bag

There is a lot to decide when starting a new knitting project: what pattern should I pick? What yarn should I use? What needles will give me the correct gauge? But, at the same time, there are some constants that we know every project needs. Before you cast on, round up these 5 must have knitting notions into a notions bag that you will keep with your project. 

Display of a small notions pouch with basic, must have notions displayed, including stitch markers, scissors, darning needle, and tape measure

Even if your project doesn't specifically call for these items, and no matter if you're knitting socks or a sweater, there is no doubt that you will need these basic notions as you work:

  1. Variety of Stitch Markers
  2. Tape Measure
  3. Scissors
  4. Darning Needle
  5. Magnetic Keeper

We recommend building a notions pouch with these basic notions for every work in progress project. It's common to think, "I'll just grab these tools when I need them," but you'll thank yourself for having them on hand when you're knitting around the LYS table or just don't want to get off the couch during a Netflix binge-worthy show. 

And in case we haven't already convinced you, let's dig deeper into why these are our must-have notions for every project. 


Variety of Stitch Markers

Group of stitch markers used for knitting

If there's one thing true about knitting is that you will most definitely, at some point, lose a stitch marker. And it's also true that you will most likely find it in between the cushions of your couch or at the bottom of your project bag. When you need one, though, be prepared. Always have a variety of stitch markers in your notions bag so you can quickly mark your work. The different types of stitch markers each have a unique purpose, so we recommend keeping a variety of ring and locking markers in different colors or styles so you always have what you need. 

Tape Measure

Group of retractable tape measures for knitting

There's aways a need to measure your work. Whether your pattern tells you to work a certain number of inches or you're curious about how much progress you have made, a tape measure will get the job done. We recommend a retractable tape measure with both inch and centimeter markings. 


a group of small decorative scissors used for knitting projects

Your pattern may not call for a pair of scissors in its "notions needed" list, but you will without a doubt need a pair of scissors at some point in your project. When picking out a pair of scissors, we recommending choosing a pair that is airline approved; that is, with blades shorter than 4". You might not be planning a trip, but being proactive with choosing the right travel notions will make packing easier when the time does come to hop on a plane. 

Darning Needle

It's easy to think that you'll just grab a darning needle (or sometimes called a yarn needle) at the end of your project when it's time to bind off. But having a yarn needle on hand means you can weave in pesky ends or fix a mistake as you work. And in a pinch, a darning needle can be used as a cable needle or its point used to untangle a knot. 

Magnetic Keeper

While there are many ways to use Magnetic Keepers, our favorite way is to use them to protect our live stitches. Wrap a Magnetic Keeper around the end of your needles to keep your stitches from falling off. No matter if you're working in garter stitch or Fair Isle, losing live stitches is never fun.

Billy and Baa's Magnetic Keepers secured around the points of double pointed needles serving at point protectors.

Of course you may need other notions for your specific project. Check your pattern to see what other notions are necessary and then use intuition to finish building your bag. If your pattern is intricate, consider adding some Pattern Place Markers to help keep your place in your pattern. If you have repeatable lines of work, grab our Rows + Repeats Tracker Sticky Notes and a pen. 

Taking a proactive approach to building your project's notions bag, and filling it with our 5 must have knitting notions, will set you up for success so you can work from cast on to bind off with ease.

5 Must Have Knitting Notions for Every Knitting Project

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