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Top 3 Most Memorable Fiber Festival Souvenirs

Top 3 Most Memorable Fiber Festival Souvenirs

The excitement of a fiber festival is one that can't be beat. With its treasure troves of yarn and thousands of enthusiastic yarn lovers, a festival is to a knitter what the Super Bowl is to a football fan. There are friends hang out with, new makers to meet, yarn to discover, and classes to take. And most of all, there is yarn to buy.

It can be easy to get swept up in the fanfare of it all and even easier to buy every beautiful skein of yarn on display. Shopping, is after all, one of the main attractions of a fiber festival. 

After you've purchased the yarn you need, it is commonplace to begin justifying purchases as "souvenirs." You'll buy the pretty bag or the novelty skein of yarn or the amazing project kit under the rouse that they're festival memories. But more often than not, you're just purchasing these items because you're swept up in the moment. I know this, because I have been there and done that!

We understand the desire to bring home a keepsake - you should see our pile of pins and project bags. But instead of buying for buyings sake, consider one of these three memorable fiber festival souvenirs.


Create a Skein Swap Event

If you’re festival-ing with friends, this is a great way to create a memory without placing too much burden on your wallet or project-queue.

Over the course of the festival, all members of your group should purchase one full skein of fingering weight yarn. When it's time to part ways with one another, everyone attaches their name to their skein and tosses it in a bag. Each member blindly picks a skein of yarn (ensuring that you don't pick your own) and makes a one-skein project for the person whose yarn they grabbed.

There are so many one-skein fingering weight projects to choose from - think socks, shawls, hats, and scarves - making this a really fun tradition. You’ll get the memory of the beautiful yarn you picked and a memory of the friend you shared the festival with.


Make a Memory Blanket

If you’re a frequent festival attendee, start a memory blanket with mini skeins collected from the festivals you attend. Mini skeins are plentiful at fiber fests, so pick one or two favorites and create a square for your growing blanket. It might take a couple of seasons to fill up your blanket, but what a memory it would make!


Bring Home a New-To-You Skill, Designer Name, or Yarn Brand

While a suitcase of new yarn is typically the main event, knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving. You can learn a new skill (most fiber festivals have a robust class offering) or keep your eyes and ears open. You might discover a new technique, organizational method, or new-to-you designer. 

Keep a notebook and pen handy to write down all of the things you see, experience, and learn. Once you're back at home, these new resources will inspire, challenge, and take your hobby to the next level. Trust us when we say something like this will make your fiber fest experience that much more special.


If you have never attended a fiber festival, we encourage you to add it to your knitting/crochet bucket list! The creative energy in one space does wonders to inspire. You'll leave recharged and ready to make all of the things...with new, beautiful supplies to boot. 



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  • Oh my gosh, I just love that skein swap idea! What a treat to have a friend knit something for you and in the colors you love.


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