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Make a No-Knit Wine Bottle Topper Hat

Make a No-Knit Wine Bottle Topper Hat

[ Download a free, one-page print version of this pattern here. ]

If a bottle of wine is on your holiday gifting list, make a No-Knit Wine Bottle Topper Hat to give it some holiday flair. In this tutorial, which we first published over on PostStitch's blog, you will learn how to make this tiny little hat with a toilet paper role and scrap yarn. No needles necessary. Seriously. 


  • empty toilet paper roll cut into about 1" (2.5 cm) tall rings
  • about 4.5 yards (4 m) of worsted weight yarn cut into (40) 12" (30.5 cm) lengths
  • scissors


How to Make a No-Knit Wine Bottle Hat


STEP 1: Work the Brim of the Hat

Using the Lark’s Head Knot technique, secure 39 lengths of yarn around the cardboard ring, making sure that each piece sits snuggly next to one another but does not overlap. 

how to make a wine bottle topper hat with scrap yarnContinue until the entire cardboard ring has been wrapped (and it resembles a wooly jelly fish).

Make a no-knit hat for wine bottle

Step 2: Work the Body of Hat

Push all of the tails of yarn through the center of the ring until they all stick out. 

STEP 3: Make a Pom Pom
Using the last length of yarn, tie the ends of the hat together about .5"-1" from the top edge of the brim. 
Finally, trim the ends of your yarn to create a "pom pom." 
Repeat until you have as many little hats as you can handle! They fit perfectly on the top of a wine bottle, but can be made into an ornament, strung as garland, or added to the top of a present. 
No-Knit Hat Garland
Download a free, one-page print version of this pattern here. 
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  • Really cute, easy, and inexpensive!! Going to make a few!!


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