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How To Make Pumpkin Pom Poms

How To Make Pumpkin Pom Poms

Put a pumpkin on it! Each Fall we pull out all the stops when it comes to pumpkin: it's in bread, coffee, donuts, and our decor! If you want to deck your walls with more pumpkin, we teach you how to make pumpkin pom poms. 

Making a pumpkin pom pom is a lot less involved than knitting or crocheting a stuffed pumpkin, which means you can create enough pumpkins to string garland, make a cute table centerpiece, or even place cards for a festive dinner party. 

How to Make Pumpkin Pom Poms

Note: This tutorial uses the Llamallooma Pom Pom Maker to create our pom poms. However, you can easily use another pom pom maker to create the same effect. 


  • Yarn (we are using a bulky weight yarn in a wool and nylon blend)
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaner for stem
  • Pom pom maker like the Llamallooma Pom Pom Maker


Step 1

Cut a 6" piece of yarn and wrap around the belly of the llama and secure in the Llamallooma grooves. Secure this yarn loosely and keep its ends towards the head of the llama, as you will need to untie and use this yarn later to wrap around the center of the pom pom and secure the pom pom. 

Step 2

Without securing the working yarn to the maker, start wrapping the yarn around the llama's legs. The more you wrap the fuller and fluffier your pom pom will make. With this bulky weight yarn, we wrapped the legs about 100 times. 


Step 3

Untie the yarn around the body of the llama and tightly tie in around the center of the pom pom yarn to secure it. 

Step 4

Cut a pipe cleaner in half (or sized to fit your pom pom) and secure it around the center of your pom pom, just like you did with the yarn in Step 3. Twist it tightly around itself to create a pumpkin stem.

Step 5

Cut the pom pom off the pom pom maker. You can do this by running the scissors along the leg and cutting the loops while it is on the pom pom.

Or you can carefully slip the pom pom off the maker and cut the loops afterwards. 

Step 6

Trim your pom pom into the shape of a pumpkin. Make sure to fluff your pom pom often while you trim to get the most accurate shape without loosing too much length from your pom pom yarn. You may also find that it's easier to use larger scissors during this trimming process.

How To Use Your Pumpkin Pom Poms 

These pint-sized pumpkins are super versatile and can bring a smile to any Fall celebration.

  • string them together to create garland
  • place them on each plate during a dinner party
  • use as a present topper
  • gift them to a teacher for cute desk top flair
  • create a seasonal pumpkin toss game for little kids

 What will you use your pumpkin pom poms for?


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