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Get and Stay Organized in the New Year

Get and Stay Organized in the New Year

Welcome to a new year and the refreshing and optimistic view that anything is possible! While many people make resolutions to guide their new year, we believe in a more sustainable approach: getting organized so we can perform at our very best. And our maker space takes top priority. It's important to get and stay organized in the new year so that we shop smart and make smart all year long.

How to Get and Stay Organized in the New Year

1. Take Inventory of Your Needles and Hooks. 

Knowing what needles and hooks you have available will make casting on a new project that much easier. After years of trying every organization method for our circular needles, we finally landed on one that works brilliantly: a photo storage box with individual cases for each size needle. We then created an inventory sheet and "needles in use" cards (both available as a free download) so we have a complete view of our needle stash and always know what we need to buy for a project. Learn more about this and get the free downloads here >>

2. Take Inventory of Your Yarn

Knitters and crocheters have no shortage of yarn! But do you know exactly what's in your stash? Dedicate some time to going through your stash and organizing it in a way that makes sense to you. You might want to pull out sweater quantities of yarn, put all of your fingering weight yarn together, or make a section of yarn you have earmarked for a specific project. 

Also, label any unidentified yarn with our free Yarn ID cards. Set your future, project-planning self up for success by writing down as much as you can about the yarn so you can grab and go when the mood to cast on strikes. 

3. Take Inventory of Your Notions

Tiny tools get shared, moved, and lost all of the time. Make sure you always have essential making tools available - think scissors, tape measures, darning needle, and stitch markers - so your project doesn't get held up and you lose momentum. 

We're big believers that every project bag should have its own notions bag. So while you're in organizing mode, consider creating a few notions "kits" that you can have on deck to grab at the start of a project. Our Rainbow Stripe Zipper Pouch are a great option to stash your essential notions. Add a color coordinated Stitch Marker Clip Keeper for good measure (and to make your future self smile). 

4. Take Note

We've all said something like, "I wish I would have cast on this gift knit sooner." Make this the year you finish every project you want, when you want.

Start by organizing your Ravelry favorites into bundles and making a list of all the projects and yarn you bookmarked on Instagram. And then write down your project goals with deadlines. 

Use our Woolly Important Things Daily Organizer 'Today's Project Goals' section to make mini deadlines for yourself. Even the smallest of tasks - like 'print out pattern' - is an important step in reaching your overall goal. 

And take notes about the projects you're working on. Our Project Log Tags and Rows and Repeat Tracker Sticky Notes are great tools to log your place in a pattern so you know exactly where you left off. 

5. Take the Time

A day can quickly get away with you and daily tasks can quickly be pushed down the to-do list. Organize your daily schedule to ensure that you always get some making time - because we all know that taking time to knit, crochet, or just be creative is so so good for our mental wellbeing. Consider waking up 15 minutes earlier, work a few rows before going to bed, or keeping a project in your car so you can work on it in the carpool line.  


Consistency is key to staying organized. Create systems and routines that work for you and that you can maintain. Get in the habit of putting things back where they go, taking lots of notes, and maintaining a working inventory of all your tools and supplies so that you're ready to start making when inspiration strikes. 



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  • All the little freebies added along the way are cool! Super fun website to browse.

  • Love all your suggestions and recommendations!❤️❤️

    Kathryn Huisjen

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