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5 Must Have Self Care Products for Knitters

5 Must Have Self Care Products for Knitters

While relaxing and even therapeutic, knitting can take a toll on your hands. From grasping the needles to the repetitive movements from making stitches, your hands can become stiff, cramped, calloused, or even injured. 

Before you're put on the disabled list and forced to take some time away from knitting, consider these 5 must have self care products for knitters. Slip them in to your notions bag and make them a regular part of your making routine. Being proactive versus reactive can make all the difference when it comes to your hand health.

5 Must have Self Care Products for Knitters

1. Finger Massage Rollers

Sore hands can be an unfortunate reality for knitters. After you put down your knitting, pick up one of our Finger Massage Rollers and roll up and down each finger. The gentle pressure will massage muscles and stimulate blood flow to your fingers. 

You don't have to have sore hands to use Finger Massage Rollers. We suggest using them throughout your knitting session or even when you're not knitting. They make great fidget toys, which can bring you focus when you're at work or in a meeting.

2. Nail File

An unexpected notion for you bag, but one that you'll be glad you packed is a nail file. You never know when you'll break a nail and having a nail file handy means you can fix the problem ASAP. Because snagged nails are not just distracting, but can also be cumbersome when knitting as your work or your working yarn can easily be snagged.

3. Sheep Stress Ball

While our Finger Massage Rollers will relax muscles, our cute Smooshy Sheep Stress Ball will help strengthen your hard working hands. All while relieving stress. 

Before you start knitting, squeeze the stress ball 20 times in each hand, remembering to take deep breaths along the way. This will help to release any tension you might have so it doesn't carry over and effect your tension. Your mood can effect how tightly you knit. 

4. Lotion

After you knit, apply a lotion or a balm to hands, fingers, and cuticles to keep hands smooth and hydrated. Cracked skin and rough nail beds can keep the yarn from gliding smoothly through your hands or, worse, cause enough discomfort that you don't pick up your needles. 

A balm like Love + Leche's Anywhere Balm is our first choice for hand hydration. It is a solid balm so you don't run the risk of it leaking in your bag. If you prefer a cream lotion - like Beekman's Pure Goat Milk Hand Lotion - consider keeping it in a pouch of its own. If it does come open you won't have to worry about ruined yarn.

We also recommend treating hands at the end of your knitting session. Slick hands and slippery needles don't make for a good combo. 

5. Knit Notes Pocket Notebook

Writing can be a therapeutic. Keep one of these portable Knit Notes notebooks in your notions bag and take regular breaks to write things down. Not only will you be giving your hands a break from knitting and using hand muscles in a different way, but you might just write down something that will better your future self. 

Use this notebook to write notes about your WIP, knitters you meet, patterns you want to remember, and more.  

Taking the time to pamper your hands is essential for all makers. These five products can help you keep your hands feeling-good so that there are no missed days working on your WIP. 


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