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Finish It February

Finish It February

Calling all makers who suffer from chronic Castonitis, are stranded on Sleeve Island, or have caught a case of Second Sock Syndrome! It's time to Finish It February!

What's Finish It Friday? 

Together with our friends at Ewe Ewe Yarns, this month we'll be working through our unfinished business. We're challenging ourselves to finish all the projects that are looming on the shelf. Plus the one in that project bag in the car. (Oh! I can't forget about the few that are stashed in the box in the closet.)

Whether you call them WIPs (work in progress) or UFOs (unfinished objects), we invite you to join us in this friendly challenge. This month lets commit ourselves to finishing that sleeve, making that second sock, or finally weaving in those ends! 

This blog post will be the basecamp for all things Billy and Baa and Finish it Friday. We'll post helpful blog posts, products to help you along the way, and more. 

Join Us for Finish It Friday!

This blog post will be the basecamp for all things Billy and Baa and Finish it Friday. We'll post helpful blog posts, products to help you along the way, and more. You can see what Ewe Ewe is up to here.

Use the comment section of this post (just scroll down!) to chat with us and your fellow makers about your journey! 

Let's take the party to Instagram! Make sure you follow us (@billyandbaa) and Ewe Ewe Yarns (@eweeweyarns) on Instagram and tag your posts with #finishitfebruary.  


Getting Started!

Billy and Baa's Finish It February In Progress Project Inventory worksheet

We started these projects once, so we can do it again! But it doesn't hurt to have a to-do list to set ourselves up for success. Here's how we're getting started:

  • Identify all unfinished projects. Make a list of your projects (even if you don't love the project) and 
  • Take inventory. Do you have all the necessary supplies and notions to pick your project back up? Do you know where you left off? Log it all here on our In Progress Project Inventory worksheet
  • Prioritize Your Efforts. Pick the top 3 projects you want to finish and make them your priority to work on this week. You may need to get new supplies or figure out where you left off, but even these steps are a step in the right direction!
  • Keep Making Lists! We are using our Woolly Important Things Daily Organizer to keep our making on track. Use the "Today's Project Goals" to help identify small actions that you accomplish each day. It feels great checking things off your list! 

Billy and Baa's Woolly Important Things notebook with today's Finish It February to-do list


We'll be back with more Finish It February tips, ideas, and inspiration. But until then, scroll down to the comments below and tell us what projects you've identified to finish! 


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    • It’ll be nice to get some closure on things. And I have at least 3 projects that with a day or 2 of work each would be off the needles (or loom) and gifted to their recipients. Thanks for the push. Bonus – finishing projects will free up some of my most used needles and I won’t have to buy yet another set to start something new. How many size 7 needles does one knitter need anyway? Apparently 1 more set than they currently have.

    • I’ve got SO many WIP’s! As a relatively new knitter I want to try everything, all in one go.
      Im going to focus on my colour work bags, and them get them. Then perhaps finish a jumper I promised the other half for Christmas! Lol xxx

      Debi Clare Newbold
    • I seem to always have start-itis, but because I am neurodivergent it is not a bad thing as long as I manage my projects. So I have a long list but have narrowed down the things I know I can finish in February. First off is my “Waiting for Rain” shawl using Weird Sisters Wool Emporium yarn in color Imbolc on their Carroll base. It is a fun knit as most of it is easy garter with edge increases but has a fun pop of short row lace every now and then. Next is a pair of socks I am knitting two at a time, one inside the other on two circular needles. The yarn is something my husband purchased several years ago, Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Weight in the color “Indigo Art”. Then I have several other socks that need the mate finished. A pair of fingerless mittens, a pair of stranded colorwork mittens for my husband for next winter, a tubular möbius scarf, a lace sampler scarf for my own record system. There are a few small odds and ends to finish and block but all the other things on my list will have to wait until March, like my husbands sweater. He has wanted a new one for a few years now but I have not wanted to put in the time it will take for such a large sweater. Thankfully I found a pattern that is very size inclusive and he picked out the yarn color. He likes the way the pattern looks because it isn’t exactly plain but also isn’t too busy. He is kind of picky but he is mine and I love him.

      What is everyone else working on?

      Alexzandra Broyles

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