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How to Prepare for Holiday Knitting

How to Prepare for Holiday Knitting

Between the shopping, the wrapping, and the cookie baking, make sure you prepare for your holiday making. The holidays are the perfect time to clock some quality crafting hours or cast on a new project. However, because shops aren't open and shipping delays are inevitable, now is the time to round up your supplies. 

How to Prepare for Holiday Knitting

1. Determine what you'll be knitting.

Whether you're picking up an in-progress project or starting something new, determine what you'll work on over the holidays. Then, read through the pattern (all the way to the end!) to make sure the pattern fits your skill level and you have all of the supplies. 

2. Swatch for your project. 

Even if swatching isn't essential to your project, swatching will help you determine if you like the yarn/color(s) you have picked out, if you like the stitch pattern, or if you will have enough yarn. There's nothing worse than starting a project you don't love. 

3. Round up your supplies. 

Make a list of everything you need. Will you need another set of needles, pom pom, or blocking tools? Read through the pattern (all the way to the end!) to determine everything you need. 

4. Package up your project. 

With gifts and wrapping and general hubbub, holidays can be chaotic. Put all of your project supplies into a project bag and stash into a safe spot so you won't misplace your project. Note: If you like working from a printed pattern, print your pattern out and put in this bag. You don't want to risk a broken printer or a snow storm power outage! 

5. Find a knitting buddy. 

Have a knitting buddy on standby for when you need project help or want to show off your progress. Find someone who has similar holiday plans as you so you'll both be available when necessary. 

6. Set a schedule. 

Knitting a few rows here and there or picking up a project when we have an extra few minutes is a regular part of a knitter's daily routine. But when the added tasks of the holiday start piling onto your to-do list, the project looming in the corner (just calling for you to cast on) can become an added stress. Set a cast on date when you know your holiday responsibilities will be completed, or schedule knitting time, like "I'll knit for 20 minutes after I put dinner in the oven."

7. Know your shops. 

No matter how many times you check your list, something is bound to come up. If you're traveling for the holidays, scout out the shops that are on your route or in the area. Make note of their store hours ahead of time, so you can manage your own expectations and disappointment doesn't sneak in. 

Fill Your Notions Bag with the Essentials

While every project is unique, having a notions pouch filled with the essentials is never a bad idea. Our picks: 

Set yourself up for success this holiday season and let your project be the stress-free escape that you need. 


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