How to Do the Twisted Loop Stitch (TL)

How to Do the Twisted Loop Stitch (TL)

The twisted loop stitch (abbreviated TL) is not a stitch you will use often, but it's a fun one to work nonetheless. Case in point: our Baby Beard pattern. The texture of the beard - and we'll argue its cuteness - is made possible by twisted loop stitches. 

Baby Beard Pattern

How to Do the Twisted Loop Stitch (TL)

  1. Work the stitch as to knit, but before you slip the stitch off the left needle, use your index finger to take the loop you just created off the right needle and pull/extend it about 1". 
  2. Insert your left index finger into the extended loop and twist it counter clockwise until the who length is twisted. 
  3. Place the loop onto the left needle.
  4. Knit together the new loop and the original loop.

View a Tutorial of the Twisted Loop Stitch


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