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4 Last Minute Gifts for Knitters

4 Last Minute Gifts for Knitters

You have missed the window to ship gifts, but that doesn't mean you've missed the opportunity to spoil your favorite knitter. In fact, these 4 last minute gifts for knitters prove that you don't have to spend a fortune or spend hours knitting to give a memorable gift. 

1. Gift Card

Your knitter will get exactly what they want when you get them a gift card. Get a gift card from your knitter's local yarn shop where they likely already have a running wish list, or grab an electronic gift card from an online retailer, like us! Get a Billy and Baa gift card here. (Can't get enough of that gnome flair? Get our free Gnome Ornament pattern here.)

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2. Wine Bottle Hats

Knit one, sip one! Make a No-Knit Wine Bottle Topper Hat and place on top of your knitter's favorite bottle of wine, bubbly, or cocktail mixer. It's a unique and festive way to dress up a simple gift. 

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3. Magic Party Skein

Pull out your leftovers, unravel a project you never finished, and grab the yarn you're just never going to use and make a Magic Party Skein (learn how to make a Magic Party Skein here). The ball of yarn - with lengths of mismatched pieces of yarn - is a fun gift to give as the knitter never knows what yarn will come next. Plus, they'll think about you the entire time they knit with it. 

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4. Knitter's Coupon

Print and fill out these Knitter's Coupons and gives to your favorite knitter to cash in later. You can go as simple "good for one skein of yarn" or as unforgettable as "I'll weave in your ends."

Get Knitter's Coupons >>

Getting creative around the holidays can be fun and rewarding. Going above and beyond a skein of yarn can put a smile on your favorite knitter's face for months or even years to come! 

What are your favorite last minute gifts? 



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