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Make a Pin Pendant

Make a Pin Pendant

Over the past few years, collecting fiber related enamel pins has become almost as popular as buying yarn. Whether you're purchasing one from your favorite small business, yarn shop, or yarn festival, these pins can elevate the vibe of a project bag, be a conversation starter, or mark a fond memory.

If your pin collection continues to grow like ours, consider downloading and making our free Pin Pendant pattern to display them in a fun and unique way.

With worsted weight, work the 10" x 7" wall hanging from the bottom up. Strategically placed increases and decreases create the the chevron shape that resembles a macrame or woven wall hanging. Once you have finished, instead of binding off stitches, knit the stitches directly onto a dowel or thin stick. Secure the end and hang!

Materials needed:

Once you've finalized your pendant. It's time to hang your pins! You can use one pendant to hang all of your favorites or you can make a different pendant for different events. For example, make one for your favorite fiber festival and display the pins you collect from that weekend. 

Need some pins to get your collection started? Check out these I Feel Like Knit and My Stitches pins.

Free Pin Pendant Pattern

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