How to Create Your Own Surprise Countdown Calendar

How to Create Your Own Surprise Countdown Calendar

Why settle for a one-day celebration, when you can celebrate the 30-days leading up to the event?! Grab our DIY Countdown Calendar Kit and we'll show you how to make your own surprise countdown calendar for your favorite maker. 

Inside our DIY Countdown Calendar Kit, you'll find a collection of different sized envelopes and bags, as well as some decorative finishing pieces including twine, tape, stickers, and a marker, to wrap up to 30 small gifts.

The idea for a Countdown Calendar (often called an Advent Calendar) is simple: wrap gifts to open each day leading up to a holiday, birthday, or special event. Label the packages so the receiver knows what to open on what day of the countdown. 

Discover how you can use the materials inside your DIY Countdown Calendar Kit. 




This box is perfect for items of unusual size. Think: tape measure, mini skein, or small notions dish. Our picks for this box include: Sandalwood Needle Case, Rainbow Stitch Marker Set, or a couple of Macaroon Stitch Marker Cases.  


These 3x5 kraft bags are a great size for tiny tools like stitch markers, progress keepers, or project labels. You receive 7 of these bags with our DIY Countdown Calendar Kit, so start collecting those small tools! Our picks for this bag include: Fix-It Marker, Loop Locking Hook Holders, Magnetic Keepers, Finger Massage Rollers, Fix It or Forget It Coin, Yarn Life Magnet, or Sew-In Labels

Small Envelope

This quaint envelope - sized to fit a business card - is a great option a gift card, custom coupon, or flat notion. Our picks for this envelope include some of our most popular products, including Pattern Place Markers and Rainbow Circle Stitch Markers

Organza Drawstring Bag

Give your recipient a bit of a sneak peek with this organza drawstring bag. Or, if you'd rather keep everything a surprise, add some tissue paper to hide what's inside. Our picks for this bag include: mini skeins of yarn, Rows + Repeats Tracker Sticky Notes, or a handmade headband or pair of socks.

Polka Dot Flat Bag

It's a bigger bag to hold bigger things! This 6"x9" bag can hold things like a small skein of yarn, one of our While You Were Knitting Notepads, or a Ball Top Notions Pouch


Will you fill your Countdown Calendar with just stitch markers? Or maybe you will wrap all the tools for one project? However you choose to make you DIY Countdown Calendar, just think of the smile that it will bring to someone's face as they open up something special each morning.

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